Translation language in archetypes should be better specified


Some translation languages are specified just by the lang code (mostly happens to "en" archetypes), and other by lang-country code.

When I use spanish lang in software, I need to find all the es-* translations, and those can be es-AR, es-CL, es-UY, etc.

It would be good that the first translation to a new language is set just with the language code, then others can jump in and made local adjustments. Right now I can do a es-uy translation direcly without having a previous "es" translation, forcing people outside Uruguay to use es-uy.

Also, instead of translating from the original language (current behavior of the CKM), translate from the same language:

1. default language is en
2. create translation for es from en
3. create translation for es-uy from es (not from the default lang)

From the specs this can be encouraged, like defining a rule tooling should follow.




Pablo Pazos


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