New repository names are taken from the model... needs to be user settable


I have a number of recent CIMI repositories I'd like to load to track the changes between them. They reside in release directories named with dates YYYYMMDD. When I create a new repository the repo tool automatically names them and they show up in the main display dropdown named "CIMI-CORE-CIMI". Users should be able to call these whatever they want.


Windows 10


Thomas Beale
January 25, 2018, 9:14 AM

Patrick, just in the interests of testing, can you tell me what to do in detail? I'm imagining something like:

  • create 3 sibling directories CIMI-1, CIMI-2, CIMI-3, each with more or less recent releases of CIMI; all under a single directory we can treat as a CIMI repository. The directories we want to treat as libraries within the repository (in the ADL WB sense).

  • configure the CIMI repository directory as a AWB repository

  • configure the CIMI-1, etc directories as libraries in the repository.

  • once done, we should see CIMI-1, CIMI-2, CIMI-3 in the explorer drop-down.

Patrick Langford
January 25, 2018, 7:23 PM

That's the idea... there could be a single overall repository and libraries underneath... or all separate repositories. I think either way would work as long as I can treat each release as it's own entity. While there is quite a bit of redundancy... it's simple. It's the only way I've been able to keep things straight with all the changes going on. Also, we haven't really settled down and started making use of semantic versioning yet. With all the changes to the models and naming it wouldn't have worked anyway.

Here's what my current process looks like. It's based on date releases and it ties directly into the way I import it into the cimi-browser. I want to be able to load each of these releases individually. They will likely have different versions of the reference model and also a different profile. This is the process that's been going on for the last year or so since more of the modeling is going on in the bmm files.

Ideally I'd be able to name the new release (probably CIMI-YYYYMMDD)... and set where it's adl files are... where it's bmm files are... and where it's exports should go... and they should all track off whatever I call the release.

Here's the directory structure I currently use.

~/cimi/releases/20170901/CIMI (bmm files and cimi_aom_profile)
~/cimi/releases/20170901/CIMI/ADL (archetypes)
~/cimi/releases/20170901/CIMI/XML (xml export)
~/cimi/releases/20170901/CIMI/JSON (json export)

~/cimi/releases/20180124/CIMI (bmm files and cimi_aom_profile)
~/cimi/releases/20180124/CIMI/ADL (archetypes)
~/cimi/releases/20180124/CIMI/XML (xml export)
~/cimi/releases/20180124/CIMI/JSON (json export)


Patrick Langford




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