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Make DIRECTORY Re-usable

Currently DIRECTORY has an invariant which limits it to be used only with the
EHR. It would be preferable to be able to use DIRECTORY and FOLDER to manage
demographic entities.





Rong Chen

Change Description

The changes involved are as follows: - remove second invariant from DIRECTORY class (this is not appropriate anyway since it is never preferable for a class to know what it is being used by. - rename FOLDER.compositions to FOLDER.items, which would be more correct since the type of this attribute is already OJBECT_REF, meaning it can be any kind of item. - change 2nd invariant of FOLDER to allow any descendant of VERSION<T> to be an item, not just VERSIONED_COMPOSITION - move DIRECTORY and FOLDER into a small package of its own called "directory" in the Common IM - change the diagram in the EHR IM to show DIRECTORY and FOLDER being re-used this new package - change the demographic IM to show that DIRECTORY/FOLDER can be used there as well.

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