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Add identifiers to FEEDER_AUDIT for originating and gateway systems

Currently, instances of FEEDER_AUDIT (common IM, "archetyped" package) can
be attached to any item in an openEHR structure, created due to imported
data. Each FEEDER_AUDIT instance includes a system_id attribute in order
to identify the source system. Originally, it was envisaged that if there
were other finer-grained ids could be included in the system_id, but this
is not very clear, and likely to be used on an ad hoc basis. A more structured
approach to identifiers in the originating and gateway systems is needed.





Heath Frankel

Change Description

The changes are as follows: - rewrite the explanation of feeder systems in the Common IM on the basis of implementation knowledge which have appeared in Australia and elsewhere. - re-design of FEEDER_AUDIT to accommodate proper identification of information item in originating and feeder systems. - change the definition of DV_IDENTIFIER to have another attribute which records the assigner of the id to the thing being identified.

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