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Move AOM description package to resource package in Common IM

The abstraction of an 'authored resource' consisting of a structured description
(with possible translations) and a revision history should be extracted out of
the ARCHEYTPE class, so that it can be re-used in ARCHETYPE and the new TEMPLATE_SPEC
class, and possibly other classes which model authored entities in the future.






Change Description

This change adds a new package to the Common IM, called "resource". This package contains the class AUTHORED_RESOURCE and helper classes as follows: - RESOURCE_DESCRIPTION - RESOURCE_DESCRIPTION_ITEM - REVISION_HISTORY (redefinition of AUDIT_TRAIL) - TRANSLATION_DETAILS class AUTHORED_RESOURCE description: RESOURCE_DESCRIPTION -- detailed description of this resource revision_history: List<AUDIT_DETAILS> -- revision history of this resource translations: List<TRANSLATION_DETAILS> end The definition of these classes is taken from the existing attributes and classes in the description package of the AOM. This package is now removed from the AOM, and the ARCHETYPE class simply inherits AUTHORED_RESOURCE, making the result functionally equivalent to the AOM as it was.

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