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Correct minor errors in VERSION.preceding_version_id

The attribute preceding_version_id in the class VERSION in the
common.change_control package should be renamed to preceding_version_uid,
which would more correctly indicate its purpose (the value of the
attribute is not just a version tree id, but a full uid of a version) amd
be consistent with the VERSION.uid attribute, which is of the same type.

The attribute should also be optional, since it cannot be set in the first

An invariant has to be added to define when it has to be set.





(Sam Heard) inactive

Change Description

The changes made are: - rename VERSION.preceding_version_id to preceding_version_uid - make it 0..1 not 1..1 - add the following invariant to VERSION: Preceding_version_uid_validity: uid.version_tree_id.is_first xor preceding_version_uid /= Void - add is_first function to VERSION_TREE_ID class in support.identification package - add following invariant to VERSION_TREE_ID: Is_first_validity: not is_first xor trunk_version.is_equal("1") - correct following VERSION_TREE_ID invariants: Branch_number_valid: branch_number /= Void implies branch_number.is_integer Branch_version_valid: branch_version /= Void implies branch_version.is_integer

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