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Define semantics for occurrences on ARCHETYPE_INTERNAL_REF

In the current version of the ADL and AOM specifications, th semantics of the
occurrences for nodes of type ARCHETYPE_INTERNAL_REF (the node type in an
archetype that allows a node to refer to a previously defined node for its
definition) are not properly defined.

The need is for occurrences at the reference node to be able to override the
occurrences of the target node, or if not mentioned to be the same.





Koray Atalag

Change Description

Changes made: - the ADL specification is changed to allow occurrences to be specified on an ARCHETYPE_INTERNAL_REF node, where the meaning is that this overrides the occurrences of the target point, which are otherwise taken as the default. - the AOM explanation of the ARCHETYPE_INTERNAL_REF class is improved to clarify how occurrences should be parsed and serialsed.

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