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Add common parent type of OBJECT_VERSION_ID and HIER_OBJECT_ID

Currently, there is at least one place in the model where either OBJECT_VERSION_ID or
HIER_OBJECT_ID should be allowed, namely LOCATABLE.uid. There are probably others.
Secondly, both of these identifier types are UID-based, with an extension of some
kind, and from the modelling point of view should be based on a common intermediate





Heath Frankel

Change Description

Changes made: - in Support IM, identification package, add new type UID_BASED_ID as parent of OBJECT_VERSION_ID and HIER_OBJECT_ID, with parent = OBJECT_ID - in this class define the functions root, extension and has_extension in such a way as to return, respectively: * the part before the first "::" separator, or else the whole string if none * the part after the first "::" separator, or else an empty string if none * True if not has_extension.is_empty These semantics will return the correct result for both subtypes (in the case of OBJECT_VERSION_ID, they will return the object_id, and for the extention, the version_tree_id::creating_system_id - in the LOCATABLE class (archetyped package, Common IM) replace uid: HIER_OBJECT_ID with uid: UID_BASED_ID.

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