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Correct openEHR terminology rubrics

First problem with current terminology.xml:

This line is in it:





Mattias Forss

Change Description

The following changes are made: To the openEHR Support Terminology document: - change group name "ISM state" to "Instruction states" - change group name "ISM transition" to "Instruction transitions" - change group name "Measurable properties" to "property" - change the group name "Related party relationship" to "Subject relationship" - to the group "Term mapping purpose" add the new terms (see below) of "public health", "reimbursement" and "research study" To the openEHR Support Terminology XML file: - add the term "attestation" to the group "Audit change type" - add the group "Participation function", and to it the existing "unknown" term (253) - add the group "Term mapping purpose" then add the the terms "public health", "reimbursement" and "research study" - change the group name "Subject of data" to "Subject relationship" To the Support IM: - rename the constants & set their values appropriately: - Group_id_ISM_states to Group_id_instruction_states - Group_id_ISM_transitions to Group_id_instruction_transitions - Group_id_related_party_relationship to Group_id_subject_relationship - Group_id_measurable_properties to Group_id_property To the openEHR Archetype Profile IM: - change reference to Group_id_measurable_properties to Group_id_property in class C_DV_QUANTITY To the Common IM: - change the reference to Group_id_related_party_relationship to Group_id_subject_relationship in the class PARTY_RELATED To the EHR IM: - rename the uses of "ISM states" and "ISM transitions" to "Instruction states" and "Instruction transitions"; and the constants Group_id_ism_states and Group_id_ism_transitions to Group_id_instruction_states and Group_id_instruction_transitions, including in the class ISM_TRANSITION.

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