Paths and locators minor errors in Architecture Overview and Common IM


In the Architecture overview:
-------------------------------------- In the Paths and locators section, there is a minor typo in line 10, page 69.
version_object_uid::version_tree_id::creating_system_id, this is not consist to the example:

In the same text, the '//' currently documented in ehr-scheme paths is superfluous, according to the URI specification. This fact was pointed out personally by Tim Berners-Lee at a meeting with Thomas Beale and Tony Shannon in October 2007 at MIT in Boston.

Further typos in this part of the document:
pg 68 section 11.3.1 para 5, last line: an --> a
pg 69 section 11.3.1 para 7 to 8: the ehr:// examples should have double colon before version number, not single
pg 69 section 11.3.1 para 8, line 3: version_object_uid::version_tree_id::creating_system_id --> version_object_uid::creating_system_id::version_tree_id
pg 69 section 11.3.1 para 8: the version identifier example should have double colon before version number, not single

In the Common Information Model
----------------------------------------------- The same typographical errors exist in Figure 11, where the ordering of the tuple is shown as
{object_id, version_tree_id, creating_system_id} but should be {object_id, creating_system_id, version_tree_id}

The same error exists in various places in the text of the Change Control section of the document.




Thomas Beale

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Chunlan Ma
Thomas Beale