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Paths and locators minor errors in Architecture Overview and Common IM

In the Architecture overview:
In the Paths and locators section, there is a minor typo in line 10, page 69.
version_object_uid::version_tree_id::creating_system_id, this is not consist to the example:

In the same text, the '//' currently documented in ehr-scheme paths is superfluous, according to the URI specification. This fact was pointed out personally by Tim Berners-Lee at a meeting with Thomas Beale and Tony Shannon in October 2007 at MIT in Boston.

Further typos in this part of the document:
pg 68 section 11.3.1 para 5, last line: an --> a
pg 69 section 11.3.1 para 7 to 8: the ehr:// examples should have double colon before version number, not single
pg 69 section 11.3.1 para 8, line 3: version_object_uid::version_tree_id::creating_system_id --> version_object_uid::creating_system_id::version_tree_id
pg 69 section 11.3.1 para 8: the version identifier example should have double colon before version number, not single

In the Common Information Model
The same typographical errors exist in Figure 11, where the ordering of the tuple is shown as
{object_id, version_tree_id, creating_system_id} but should be {object_id, creating_system_id, version_tree_id}

The same error exists in various places in the text of the Change Control section of the document.





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