Correct inconsistencies in naming of term_definitions, constraint_definitions, term_bindings and constraint_bindings attributes in XML-schema and specifications


Alessandro Torrisi (Unusual Visions, implementing at Medical Centre Alkmaar, The Netherlands) reported the following inconsistency.

The ADL 1.4 specification mentions subsections under the archetype ontology section named term_binding and constraint_binding (both singular). In the AOM specification, these attributes are not defined (already raised as an issue), although there are invariants that imply the presence of attributes term_bindings and constraint_bindings (both plural).

In ADL archetypes, these two attributes occur in a small number of archetypes, and are named in the singular.

In the published AOM XML-schema, these attributes are spelled in the plural form. XML archetypes include these attributes named in the plural.

There is a similar minor inconsistency in the attribute names term_definition(s) and constraint_definition(s) in the ADL 1.4 specification; again both of these should be in the plural. They already appear in the plural in ADL archetypes, the XML-schema, and XML archetypes, so this anomaly is essentially just a typographical error in the ADL specification only.

The architectural overview document also includes a couple of instances of these spelling errors in examples.




Thomas Beale

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Thomas Beale