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ATTESTATION should have a status attribute

[Due to discussions at the Jan 2003 CEN meeting in Rome]
There may be a need to have a status attribute on ATTESTATION
indicating whether the attestation has been done, or if the item
is awaiting_attesting, or even "awaiting_further_attestation" or
somesuch thing. Currently there is no status, and the ATTESTATION
class can only be used to represent attestations that have
actually occurred.

DK: I note that CDA also has an ability to declare a document as
pending attestation. Can I suggest that we review that code-set
and agree on revised model for ATTESTATION?





Dipak Kalra

Change Description

add an attribute status: COORDIINATED_TERM to ATTESTATION. The possible values from CDA are: signed | intended | required (I|S|X). This is the HL7 ParticipationSignature domain (value set). See Participation.signature in the HL7 RIM.

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