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Remove property attribute from Quantity package

The property attribute of MEASURED is included to enable
the function is_strictly_comparable to be evaluated - it provides
a way of comparing any two Quantities which measure the same
property, such as 'acceleration'', or even a basic property like
'mass', where the literal units are different. However, this means
that property must be provided for each instance of QUANTITY, and
it is rarely known in legacy or feeder system data. It can be
inferred if the units string is passed to a quantitative knowledge
module, however, if we accept that this is required, then property
is not needed anyway - it can be replaced by a function that
determines if two unit strings measure the same property.





Zar Zar Tun

Change Description

Remove DV_QUANTIFIED.property, and redefine the function is_strictly_comparable to compare unit strings for congruence.

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