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Make existence, occurrences and cardinality optional in AOM

Currently existence, occurrences and cardinality are all mandatory in the AOM. However, with reference model checking, this is not required. Existence and cardinality should only be stated when they override, i.e. narrow the reference model value. Occurrences should only be stated when it overrides the RM cardinality for multiply-valued attributes, or existence, for single-valued attributes. E.g. if the cardinality for a multuply-valued attribute is 0..*, then the occurrences will be assumed to be 0..* on each member Object in an archetype unless otherwise stated.



Thomas Beale


Thomas Beale

Raised By

Sam Heard

Impact Analysis

Existing ADL based tools will need to relax the current requirement for these constraints to be mandatory. Existing archetypes will parse fine, but should be flagged with warnings if cardinality or existences don't change the RM values, or with errors if they violate them.


Thomas Beale

Change Description

The theoretical basis of the changes is that existence, cardinality and occurrences are normal constraints, like anything else in an archetype, and should only occur in a 'source' archetype when actively overriding either a specialisation parent constraint or the relevant reference model constraint. In flat archetypes, generated by a flattening process involving specialisation parents (if relevant) and the RM, existence, cardinality and occurrences would be mandatory, assuming that the relevant RM constraints are included in the flattening process (this is not 100% necessary, since a archetype-processing engine might use the RM at runtime to determine the base constraints, rather than relying on a completely flat form of a source archetype). The changes to the AOM are as follows: In the class C_OBJECT - occurrences becomes optional - changed invariant: Occurrences_validity: (occurrences /= Void and parent /= Void and parent.is_single) implies occurrences.upper <= 1 In the class C_ATTRIBUTE - existence becomes optional - changed invariant - Existence_valid: existence /= Void implies (existence.lower >= 0 and existence.upper <= 1) In the class C_MULTIPLE_ATTRIBUTE - cardinality becomes optional - change invariant: Children_occurrences_validity: cardinality /= Void implies cardinality.interval.contains (occurrences_total_range) In the ADL specification, change the relevant paragraphs to indicate optionality of existence, cardinality and occurrences in source form archetypes.


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ADL 1.4

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