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Minor inconsistencies in ADL2 spec specialisation section

9.2.5. Redefinition Concept, to ADD a new node
the criteria reads: 'Differential node has a specialised node identifier, and corresponding node in flat parent has max occurrences > 1.'
When adding a node, I would think there is no corresponding node in the flat parent, so there can be no condition on occurrences.

- 9.3.1 redefinition for refinement:
The text mentions node id id2 and id2.1, but it is not present in ADL in the example

- 9.3.2 specialization with cloning
The node identifiers in the ADL2 source and the workbench screenshot are not consistent, the ADL lists id2.3 as a subnode of id3.2, the workbench screenshot consistently does id3.1 -> id2.1, id3.2 -> id2.2, etc.



Thomas Beale


Pieter Bos


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AM version 2.0.6