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Existence matches {0} and further specialization: Should it be removed when flattening?

- prohibited attributes (existences matches {0}) should be removed from the flat structure according to the ADL2 spec. So if i do:

 ... value matches {...}

Then in specializing archetype:

... values existence matches {0}

Then in the third or even fourth specilization level I do:

values existence matches {1} matches {}

You would think this is not valid. But there is no way to check in the flattener, because the values attribute has been removed from the flat parent. If specialized at the third level, you could still check with the flat parent. But at the fourth level, the values attribute is gone, so there's no longer a way to check if the values attribute is allowed to be present in the flat parent.

Shouldn't the CAttribute just be kept in place until say operational template creation, to prevent this problem?

Problem is not present at the CObject level because of node ids and specialization level.



Thomas Beale


Pieter Bos


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AM version 2.0.6