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text about different between 'protocol' and '/protocol' is hard to understand and inconsistent with other examples

paragraph 9.4.1 in the ADL2-spec lists a text about the difference between 'protocol' and '/protocol' in ADL2:

"Note that in the above, the '/' is used to denote '/protocol' as a differential path. Without the slash, the 'protocol' attribute would be considered to be trying to constrain a hitherto unconstrained attribute called 'protocol', rather than redefine a constraint already present in a parent archetype."

I tried showing it to colleagues to see if they would understand the difference. None did. I can also not see how the flattener should treat it any differently, except by raising some validation messages in one case and not in the other.

It also seems to be inconsistent with other examples, for example in 9.5.2. Occurrences Redefinition and Exclusion, it redefines value to set occurrences to {0} without using a / before value.

So how should this be treated?





Pieter Bos