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Definition version-part of Archetype_HRID not clear


I am trying to analyse the different parts of the version-part of the Archetype_HRID, and I find that several examples are not completely inline with the description
Example, I understand this
ReleaseVersion = MajorVersion() + MinorVersion() + PatchVersion()
So this would be (f.e.)
Then with version-status, it would become (f.e.)
And with buildcount it would be (f.e.)
But when we look at the function-examples, we'll see that the
ReleaseVersion+"-"VersionStatus"."+Buildcount goes under the functionname: version_id ()
But the description of this function-name, does not mention BuildCount, but it shows it in the example.

On paragraph: 3.2.1. Human-Readable Identifier (HRID) is an example in Figure 7. Archetype HRID Structure

In that image are, in my document the lines pointing to the parts a little bit shifted, so it is not completely clear where they point to. But lets assume that they should have been one character to the left. Then
ReleaseVersion = MajorVersion() + MinorVersion() + PatchVersion() fits, and is conform the description.
VersionStatus would become the lifecyclestate+buildcount. This is not inline with the definition where versionStatus is not including a buildcount.

I tried to find out what was meant in the Java-code, but I saw that that part of the Archetype_HRID is not worked out. Maybe the definition, together with the examples need some better work out, before programmers can clearly and unambiguously understand what is meant.


https://specifications.openehr.org/releases/AM/latest/AOM2.html#_archetype_hrid_class https://specifications.openehr.org/releases/AM/latest/AOM2.html#_human_readable_identifier_hrid

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