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Definition version-part of Archetype_HRID not clear

I am trying to analyse the different parts of the version-part of the Archetype_HRID, and I find that several examples are not completely inline with the description
Example, I understand this
ReleaseVersion = MajorVersion() + MinorVersion() + PatchVersion()
So this would be (f.e.)
Then with version-status, it would become (f.e.)
And with buildcount it would be (f.e.)
But when we look at the function-examples, we'll see that the
ReleaseVersion+"-"+VersionStatus+"."+Buildcount goes under the functionname: version_id ()
But the description of this function-name, does not mention BuildCount, but it shows it in the example.

On paragraph: 3.2.1. Human-Readable Identifier (HRID) is an example in Figure 7. Archetype HRID Structure

In that image are, in my document the lines pointing to the parts a little bit shifted, so it is not completely clear where they point to. But lets assume that they should have been one character to the left. Then
ReleaseVersion = MajorVersion() + MinorVersion() + PatchVersion() fits, and is conform the description.
VersionStatus would become the lifecyclestate+buildcount. This is not inline with the definition where versionStatus is not including a buildcount.

I tried to find out what was meant in the Java-code, but I saw that that part of the Archetype_HRID is not worked out. Maybe the definition, together with the examples need some better work out, before programmers can clearly and unambiguously understand what is meant.



Thomas Beale


Bert Verhees


Affects versions

AM version 2.1.0