Restart completed activity


We have come across situations with activities that continue across contacts. This can be either expected (as in cronic conditions) or by convenience (the patient re-arrives after some days and we need the same activities). In both cases it is desired that the activities are closed (=COMPLETED) when the patient is discharged, for a variety of reasons. For both ease of use and for better history tracking it is desirable on re-arrival of the patient to be able to just continue existing activities rather than go through a new order session to create new instructions with (some or all of) the same activities.

So we suggest a new transition "re_start" that takes an activity from a final state back to active state:
COMPLETED -> re_start -> ACTIVE

Our current need does not involve ABORTED, but it seems reasonable to consider whether the same should be available there for completeness.

Possibly similar for CANCELLED, but that would in any case be a different transition (re_initiate?).




Ivar Yrke


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