Dataset improvements


From Marand:

  1. DATASET_SPEC needs a name, or even better, description. This is especially true for REVIEW_DATASET_SPEC, as, if there are multiple REVIEW_DATASET_SPECs attached to the same task, an occurrence that we find quite common, there is no way to distinguish between them in the user interface.

  1. Sometimes, multiple tasks construct a single EHR document (a single composition). As a result, a single CAPTURE_DATASET_SPEC fills out only a sub-section of the form (similarly, a single REVIEW_DATASET_SPEC could only display a single sub-section of the form). For that reason, we need a way to specify the form sub-section on DATASET_SPEC. I was thinking that AQL path would do here - this way, we can limit the input/display down to a single field, which is great.

  1. We need a way to specify query to pre-fill data on a CAPTURE_DATASET_SPEC form. Suggested solution: move the populating_request attribute from REVIEW_DATASET_SPEC to DATASET_SPEC, use it to prepopulate the form values for CAPTURE_DATASET_SPECs.


Thomas Beale

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Matija Polajnar


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