Add classification attribute to Plan Item and Work Plan


Original request from Marand/Moscow:

In Russia we want to categorise the tasks not just by type (dispatchable, performable etc.), but also by content. There are 7 categories that we want to sort the tasks into:

1, Consultation
2. Procedure
3. Medication
4. Laboratory diagnostic
5. Instrumental diagnostic
6. Surgery
7. Other (Sundry)

Suggested solution: add a "category" coded DV_TEXT attribute to the Task class.

A more generalised solution would be to add a category to PLAN_ITEM, which makes it possible to add a category to a whole TASK_GROUP. If a category is added to a top-level TASK_GROUP of a TASK_PLAN, we can consider this the category of the Task Plan (can be exposed by a function).



Thomas Beale

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Matija Polajnar


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