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Corrections to EHR and Common IM documentation

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Thomas Beale


Thomas Beale

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Pablo Pazos

Impact Analysis

No changes to semantics or formal definitions; the only possible impact is on implementations that have mis-interpreted any of the documentation modified by this CR.


Thomas Beale

Change Description

Changes made to EHR IM text, Common IM text and BASE/Architecture Overview text according to SPECPR-28, SPECPR-76, SPECPR-75, SPECPR-87, SPECPR-89, SPECPR-90. Re: SPECPR-90: VERSIONED_OBJECT has properties: - uid: HIER_OBJECT_ID -- unique id of this object - owner_id: OBJECT_REF -- the id of the owning EHR or Extract VERSION - uid: OBJECT_VERSION_ID -- 3-part id - owner_id: unique id of VERSIONED_OBJECT the confusion has arisen because the documentation for VERSION.uid says it consists of owner_id, version_tree_id and creating_system_id. Here, 'owner_id' means 'owner_id' of the VERSION (i.e the current object), whose value is a VERSIONED_OBJECT.uid (not the VERSIONED_OBJECT's owner_id). So the value of the field is clear: it consists of the triple {owning VERSIONED_OBJECT.uid, version_tree_id, creating_system_id}. I have documented this in a few places as {object_id, version_tree_id, creating_system_id}, but the text is very clear about what the value of this field is - e.g. read http://www.openehr.org/releases/RM/latest/docs/common/common.html#_version_identification carefully. I've improved the documentation in this section so it is crystal clear. There are no changes in semantics or naming anywhere.


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