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Correct AUTHORED_RESOURCE Hash<> relationships in UML.


The relationships AUTHORED_RESOURCE.translations and RESOURCE-DESCRIPTION.details are both logically Hash<V, String> types, i.e. String-keyed Hashes. However, they are currently shown just as multiple direct relationships. This needs to be corrected so that Hash<TRANSLATION_DETAILS, String> and Hash<RESOURCE_DESCRIPTION_ITEM, String> appear in the generated output.

Note: the order of the generic type parameters of the Hash<V, K> class, and all its uses has been reversed by another CR to be Hash<K, V>, to follow the majority of programming languages in use today.

Fixed version of BASE/resources spec: https://www.openehr.org/releases/BASE/latest/docs/resource/resource.html#_class_descriptions

Fix version of old COMMON/resources spec:



Thomas Beale

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Thomas Beale


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Release 1.0.3