Add folders:LIST<OBJECT_REF> on EHR


The EHR class have an optional DIRECTORY structure. This is modelled as a reference (object_ref) to a DIRECTORY structure. The DIRECTORY is a package which have a versioned root folder which should contain all the sub_folders.

We are implementing openEHR folders now to support some proprietary folder use-cases. What we want to achieve is to be able to add FOLDERs to a given EHR. Each versioned folder with its hierarchy should be directly under the EHR.

That's why we want to add a new attribute: folders on EHR.

This attribute will then be used in the REST interfaces to add, update and delete FOLDERS.

GET /ehr/{ehrId}/folders/<folderId>

Addition from the November SEC-meeting in Oslo:
One of the references (perhaps the first one in the list?) in the new list folders:LIST<OBJECT_REF> should point to the same folder that the old/current "" points to.


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