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More information about openEHR (EHR=Electronic Health Record) can be found at and in this wiki. Some extra pointers:

Feel free to add questions and comments below regarding our GSoC2008 projects.

Mentors (confirmed)

Project Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2008

Rong Chen
Linköping University &
Cambio Healthcare Systems

The openEHR Java Reference Implementation Project
- Java implementation of EHR service on top of a light-weight persistence layer
- Web-based generic presentation layer, possibly based on XForms and AJAX frameworks
- Template Object Model and template parser
- Archetype Query Language parser and query executor
- Archetype Testing Framework designed to validate different archetype formalism implementations
- more see the roadmap

Erik Sundvall &
Mikael Nyström
Linköping University

- Evolve/rewrite the LiU Archetype editor to version 2.0, this time with template editing and the openEHR RM more visible (see 1, 2) Possibly implemented in Flex/Flash instead of Java.
- Creating archetype/template-aware clients (Ajax, Flex/Flash, Android, iPhone) and/or add server features to the LiU REST based openEHR server/service implementation (java Restlets + XML Database, alpha release planned in May 2008).
- Further refinments of GUI, openEHR queries, connections and projections in the LiU EHR visualisation prototyping environment using/abusing Google Earth (see 1 , 2)
- Other openEHR-related projects in our student project list (readable for Scandinavians an others understanding Swedish)


- openEHR implementation in Ruby and sample rails application

Thomas Beale
Ocean Informatics

- ADL Workbench...?
- .NET Archetype editor...?
- ...

Mentors (potential)

Project Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2008

(mentors needed)

- Possible projects based on the forthcoming openEHR implementation in Python
- ...

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