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The openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) is an international, online clinical knowledge resource. It has gathered an active Web 2.0 community of interested and motivated individuals focused on furthering an open and international approach to clinical informatics - an application- and message-independent lingua franca for sharing health information between individuals, clinicians and organisations; between applications, and across regional and national borders. All contributions to CKM is on a voluntary basis, and all CKM content is open source and freely available under a Creative Commons licence.

See the live instance of the international CKM:

What is CKM?:

  • It is a library of clinical knowledge artefacts - currently openEHR archetypes and templates;
  • It supports the full life cycle management of openEHR archetypes through a review and publication process;
  • It provides governance of the knowledge artefacts

In the near future we anticipate a complementary repository for other related artefacts including terminology subsets.

The Clinical Knowledge Manager provides the opportunity and means for users interested in modelling clinical content to become participate in the creation and/or enhancement of an international set of archetypes, and these in turn have the potential to provide the foundation for interoperable Electronic Health Records. 

Please take a look - CKM Video Guides: Clinical Knowledge Manager Overview and Registering on CKM

CKM Instances

openEHR CKM - hosted by the openEHR Foundation, this is the 'go to' resource CKM for the international openEHR community

Australian CKM - hosted and managed by the Australian Digital Health Agency

UK Clinical Models -  a shared CKM for a variety of UK-based projects and organisations

Norwegian CKM - hosted and managed by the Norwegian national eHealth program

Slovenian CKM - hosted and managed by the Ministry of Health in Slovenia

HSCIC CKM - hosted and managed by the UK Health and Social Care Information Centre

CENTERMS CKM - hosted  and managed by the Centro Nacional de Terminologias em Saúde, Brazil


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