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  • MIE 2017 (Informatics for Health 2017), Manchester, United Kingdom
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Date: April 24-26 2017

Venue: Manchester Central


Hotel information:

Conference Program: TBA

Sessions overview


Who's planning to attend?

Proposed items

90minopenEHR Clinical modelling workshop MIE2017

90minopenEHR Developers workshop MIE2017
90minNew Trends and Experiences in Interoperability and EHR

Kerstin DENECKE, Yihan DENG, Serge BIGNENS, Franςois von KAENEL, Ian McNicoll, Koray Atalag




  1. Thomas Beale could you delete the attachments from this page? They followed automatically when I copied the MIE2016 page to start this one.

  2. Ian McNicoll were you planning on organizing a developer workshop or demo or similar?

    1. Hi Erik,

      Yes - I think Koray has put up a holding page. I'll get be to get onto this tomorrow.


      1. Holding page now up at MIE 2017: The openEHR Developers' workshop

        for now this is now largely just a copy of the MIE 2016 Developers workshop submission. I will work on it over the next 2-3 days to reformulate but those who might like to participate, please add a short description of what you would like to cover. I will be contacting 2 or 3 other folk directly to see if they want to get involved. 

  3. I could potentially present something on openEHR + clinical workflow, but right now I don't know what it would look like or what format it would take at this particular event. But if anyone thinks that might be a useful topic, please say so and we can think about how to do it.

    1. Yes please. Something on the lines ff your recent blog piece on rules/ workflow would be ideal. We don't need any specifics right now - just a paragraph or so outline. And the content can easily be changed nearer the time as things develop

    2. That would be great Thomas.