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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Boštjan Lah2016-06-30 REST API Meeting notes
Erik Sundvall2016-06-30 REST API Meeting notes
Thomas Beale2016-06-23 REST API Meeting notes
  • Boštjan Lah - Bjorn/Erik/Bostjan - organise virtual hackathon next few months.
Boštjan Lah2016-06-17 SEC call notes
  • Boštjan Lah - will organise a call next week for further devt
Boštjan Lah2016-06-17 SEC call notes
  • AM 2.x release - ALL: SEC will perform acceptance on these for ASAP release.
2016-06-17 SEC call notes
  • Ian McNicollfacilitate short term decision on above issues - i.e. file names etc.
Ian McNicoll2016-06-17 SEC call notes
  • Review Pablo's SEC email 
2016-05-25 SEC Call notes
  • Sebastian Iancu - create 'master' wiki page with meaningful links; push existing content to a child page.
Sebastian Iancu2016-05-25 SEC Call notes
Boštjan Lah2016-05-25 SEC Call notes

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2016-06-30 REST API Meeting notesSebastian Iancu30-Jun-2016
2016-06-23 REST API Meeting notesSebastian Iancu27-Jun-2016
2016-06-17 SEC call notesThomas Beale17-Jun-2016
2016-05-25 SEC Call notesThomas Beale25-May-2016
2016-04-14 SEC Call Meeting notesThomas Beale25-May-2016
2016-04-28 SEC Call notesThomas Beale29-Apr-2016

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