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  • National Interoperability Reference Architecture underpinned by openEHR Archetypes - but no CKM in action as the government is keen to see what comes out of FHIR & openEHR joint modelling initiative.
  • Just deployed a new clinical registry: gestational diabetes using full openEHR front and backends (using OceanEHR Framework)

  • Also using archetype modelling for national cardiac registry

  • Koray joining theresearch team involved in Virtual Physiological Human initiative (EU based) and will look at to applying openEHR to bridge various physiological, anatomical and clinical models.

  • openEHR is also planned to underpin a new Centre of Research Network Excellence (MedTech CoRE) platform idea to create an interoperable 'ecosystem' for medical devices. Funded by NZ govt ($26m)

  • Also started research collaboration with the State University of Amazon in Brazil and shortly kicking off a project to develop an openEHR based diabetic foot management system (a clinical system + app)



(David Moner)

  • slides PPT; list of archetypes
  • main gov priority - interop Main government priority on interoperability / data sharing between 17 regions
  • 10 clinical documents defined by MOH in form of 13606 archetypes
  • MOH review of archetypes currently underway
  • 13606 will be long term direction for data interop between regions; archetype basedProbably ADL 1.5 of more interest?
  • MOH is funding training activities in Snomed, 13606.
  • Pilots / projects in 5 regions - main ones - Madrid, Valencia