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  • slides PPT; list of archetypes
  • Main government priority on interoperability / data sharing between 17 regions
  • 10 clinical documents defined by MOH in form of 13606 archetypes
  • MOH review of archetypes currently underway
  • 13606 will be long term direction for data interop between regions; archetype based
  • MOH is funding training activities in Snomed, 13606.
  • Pilots / projects in 5 regions - main ones - Madrid, Valencia


Slovenia (Tomaž Gornik)

  • Gov will procure national openEHR-based EHR server
  • CKM running but engagement of clinicians very difficult; progress is slow
  • New projects have to conform to archetype-based openEHR data.
  • PARENT FP7 registries project being run from Slovenia
  • Marand / Critical won Unimed (private health insurance) contract; 6m patients
  • Saudi Arabia tender for CKM and archetype and training services
  • some openEHR modelling activity in IRAN
  • Moscow city project - rolling out to 12m patients, following pilot with 2m patients


  • Gov - HL7v3 as basis for interop; not interested in how data are stored
  • Code24 implems in mental institutions at this stage; mostly using international CKM archetypes + some new archetypes.
  • somme DCM model development