ADL 2 Operational Template

Here is the top-level template from the single-file template example, as a set of generated OPTs (Operational Templates) in various syntaxes. These are late draft for now; some adjustments are still needed, mainly to get included typing information correct. Following finalisation, they require broader review to ensure they are technically sufficient and optimal. Note that all OPTs have a 'component_terminologies' section at the end, containing all the computed flattened terminologies of all (recursively) archetypes or other templates included by slot-filling and external references.

  • ADL 2  (79k) - as a text format, by far the most space efficient, mainly because its constraint syntax (the {} part) is terse.
  • ODIN full (189k) - the openEHR JSON equivalent. Here the 'full' version of the syntax including type markers is used. Notice that the terminology and description / meta-data parts are exactly the same as in ADL, which uses ODIN for these sections
  • XML
    • XML 'type A' (177k) - a form of XML with some tag attributes including type names and id-codes.
    • XML 'type B' (160k) - a form of XML with most C_OBJECT and C_ATTRIBUTE properties as XML attributes.
  • JSON (180k) - AOM type names are not included, but need to be.
  • YAML (298k) - like ODIN and JSON, a human readable format. This form of YAML is whitespace-sensitive.

What the template looks like on the screen: