ADL 2 templates as single artefacts

A long-standing request from some users has been to ensure that the new ADL 2 templates will be a single file, as are the current .oet templates. This can be achieved in a very simple way. To understand what it means to have a 'single-file template', remember that in ADL 2, a 'template' is just an archetype with an associated bunch of 'overlays' which are 

The proposed rules of single-file ADL 2 templates are:

  • overlays have no meta-data or description of their own
  • overlay ids are machine-generated from the template id, by adding numbers to the concept part of the id

There are some examples here in Github - these are 4 templates that make up a full discharge summary. This one probably gives the best idea of what an ADL 2 single-file template looks like.

These templates now all compile with the forthcoming ADL 2 Workbench, and generated OPTs in 5 formats appear on this page.