Modelling, specs and tooling meetings

Meeting overview

  • Meeting goal: Cross program communication about issues that affect modelling

  • Key attendees: Clinical program leads, Specifications program leads

  • Component synchronisation:

    1. Specification development and publishing

    2. Tooling strategy, UI & coordination

    3. Modelling program impact - CKM governance & training

Open action items


Meeting minutes




Notes, decisions and action items




Notes, decisions and action items

Oct 28, 2020

@Sebastian Iancu
@Thomas Beale
@Ian McNicoll
@Heather Leslie
@Silje Ljosland Bakke

Confirm position on hierarchical value sets (


How to engage with further discussion on value set strength


Tooling support for COMPOSITION.category types



TB: what is the question here?

Other impacts of RM v1.1.0 on modelling


  • Folder structures & archetyping

  • Quantity units

Meeting frequency


Oct 14, 2020

@Sebastian Iancu
@Ian McNicoll
@Heather Leslie
@Silje Ljosland Bakke

Best practice and coordination for archetype translation

Discussion about how to organise translation, as well as translation editing.

@Sebastian Iancu will get a group of Dutch and possibly German translators together to discuss with the modelling program how to coordinate best practice translation.

Hierarchical value sets (

Discussion about the semantics of the proposed solution, and the process to get it progressed.

Value set strength

Set the foundations for discussion. Will need to establish how to engage with the further discussion.

Impact of the RM v1.1.0 on modelling

  • “Episodic” type to COMPOSITION.category: What does it mean?


  • Any other impacts

There’s now three categories of COMPOSITION types: event, persistent and episodic persistent. Tooling needs to be built to support this.

We didn’t get to DV_SCALE or other impacts, need to bring this up in next meeting.

Future meetings and how to better engage together

We decided to meet again in two weeks to continue the discussions that weren’t finished in this meeting. We’ll then discuss future frequency. We’ll need to engage with tooling people as well as specs and modelling.