• Rough draft
  • Content Management Processes

    Here a placeholder to start working out people and processes to manage the work of ensuring openEHR CKM content is maintained. This is work in progress and for discussion so nothing is decided!


    Managing the CKM content requires dedicated time. We think this is more time than we could reasonably expect to be provided on a volunteer basis.

    I/we propose a structure which has a person in the role of Clinical Knowledge Administrator Lead employed by or contracted to (and managed by) the openEHR CIC. They will be directed by and report to the CPB, and by default be a member of the Expert Panel (or CPB itself? i.e. should they have voting rights?). As decisions on priorities and tasks will be made by the CPB in discussion with the CPB Expert Panel this retains the enabling role of the CPB but may help to retain a separation between the work and the direction of that work, possibly important from a governance perspective.

    The CKA lead role will require at least 20 hours a week for the required activities.

    The CKA Lead will be supported by other CKAs (ideally at least 3) who will be directed to specific work priorities identified by the CPB. Broadly these are likely to be processing of new content proposals, managing change requests and, lastly, reviewing existing content models where they have remained at less than version one and unpublished, without an active review process in place. All CKAs will have general responsibilities around CKM and CKM users as discussed below.

    These proposals for primary activities are not fixed and can be changed with the agreement of the CPB.

    These CKAs will work voluntarily or with the support of an openEHR partner to employ or resource them for this work. These CKAs may be members of the CPB or Expert Panel (so consequently it makes no sense for the CKA Lead to not be on CPB itself, if that suits them).

    The CKAs will support the CKA Lead in his/her activities. CKAs will be expected to provide around 1-2 hours per week to the role at a minimum.

    CKA Lead

    The new role of Clinical Knowledge Administrator Lead is proposed, operating under an approximate organisational structure as below.

    Organisational Structure




    Clinical Knowledge Administrators

    This section describes the roles and responsibilities of Clinical Knowledge Administrators in general,

    The role of CKA will have CKA role on Clinical Knowledge Manager.


    CKAs will have administrative and content management roles on CKM.

    Managing users

    Although most users of CKM will manage their own activities and projects membership, the CKAs will have a role in assisting Editors mange the settings for their project members, as well as helping users navigate CKM and manage its functions, for example model adoption and reviews.

    CKAs will also maintain a coherent and current membership base on CKM, aiming to remove ‘inactive’ and ‘duplicate’ accounts. This will be on a best efforts basis, rather than proscriptive.

    CKAs will work to encourage more members of CKM from a global community of interest, and monitor membership numbers and activity.

    CKAs will manage user (and content) classification schemes.

    Managing content

    The CKAs will ensure CKM content remains organised and currently relevant.

    This may include:

    • Project management - ensuring projects remain relevant with at least one currently active editor.

    • Model management

      • ensuring archetypes and templates have at least one currently active editor, or where this cannot be identified acting as the editor for that content.

      • that all models belong to a Project

      • that all models are either published at at least V1 or in active review and development if in Draft

      • That models which are deprecated or Rejected are appropriately handled and flagged as such in CKM

      • That all content models meet the editorial guidance when published

      • That change requests are responded to and actioned within an acceptable time period (to be agreed!)

      • That proposals for new content are responded to and actioned within an acceptable time period (to be agreed)

    • Team development

      • Encouraging and assisting members to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills in managing CKM and modelling

    Editor roles

    Project editor

    Need to define the role and responsibility for editors, and their relation to the CKAs and CKA Lead.

    Translation editor

    As for Project editor.