2024-02-16 Meeting minutes

Document status:

Meeting Date: 16th February 2024

Meeting Time: 10:00-11:00 GMT

Location: Online, via Zoom

Planned agenda: https://openehr.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/healthmod/pages/2260074643

CPB: Clinical Program Board
CPXP: Clinical Program Expert Group
CKA: Clinical Knowledge Administrator (role in the Ocean’s openEHR CKM)
ADL: Archetype Definition Language


  • Paul Miller (CPB co-chair),

  • Vanessa Pereira (CPB co-chair),

  • Sebastian Garde (CPB)

  • Heather Leslie (CPXP)

  • John Tore Valand (CPXP)

  • Silje Bakke (CPXP) -

  • Andjela Pavlovic (CPB)

  • Tara Bonet (CPB)

  • Kanthan Theivendran (CPB) -

  • Vebjørn Arntzen (CPXP) -

  • Wouter Zanen (CPB)

  • Heidi Hoikkalainen (CPB)


Invited but could not be present (with apologies):

  • Marina Rudenko (CPB)

  • Jill Riley (openEHR International Board)



  • Anjali Kulkarni (CPB)

  • Joost Holslag (CPB)


Minutes content:

  • Welcome

    • Problems with the Zoom link meant we started around 15 minutes late and were using VP’s personal Zoom Account which limited us to 30 minutes for the meeting time.

  • Apologies

    • Anjali Kulkarni (CPB)

    • Joost Holslag (CPB)

  • Introductions if any

    • HK was welcomed as a new member of the Expert Panel and introduced herself to the group.

  • Minutes and actions from https://openehr.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/healthmod/pages/2233991182

    • Approval of minutes: approver PM / seconder AP

    • https://openehr.atlassian.net/browse/CPB-37 still needs actioned, chairs will review, others welcome to do so. Link below. ACTION

    • PM has drafted a doc for openEHR_UK which can inform this document, but resource to work on this is lacking.

    • Access to Jira / Confluence still not right. PM discovered he has some admin rights to Jira so will sort. ACTION

  • Membership update

    • 1-to-1 PM/VP will organise but may need to defer until we have admin support. PM had meeting scheduled with TB but it had to be cancelled due to other commitments and has not been re-arranged so far. ACTION

    • Update Bios and add new members on VP asked for all members to ensure they had current biographies on the openEHR International website. ACTION

  • Chairs update

    • Note for CPB that openEHR International Conference UK 5-6 Nov

    • Challenges for CPB due to limited admin support at this time. Organising meetings, managing membership and maintaining operational documentation taking up the CPB co-chair resources.

  • Work Group updates

    • Operations

      • CKAs -

        • CKA Job description - meeting on 27 feb (finalize the file)

    • Others

      • - meeting on 22 feb

  • Documents for review and approval or comment

    • The risk register needs updated:

    • feedback from Kanthan

  • Suggestions

  • AOB

  • Date of next meeting