Clinical Knowledge Manager

In a Nutshell - What is the Clinical Knowledge Manager?

The openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) is an international, online clinical knowledge resource. It has gathered an active community of interested and motivated individuals from around the world focused on furthering an open and international approach to clinical informatics - an application- and message-independent lingua franca for sharing health information between individuals, clinicians and organisations; between applications, and across regional and national borders. All contributions to CKM is on a voluntary basis, and all CKM content is open source and freely available under a Creative Commons licence.

  • CKM is a library of clinical knowledge artefacts - currently predominantly openEHR archetypes and templates;
  • CKM supports the full life cycle management of openEHR archetypes and templates through a review and publication process;
  • CKM provides governance of the knowledge artefacts.

The Clinical Knowledge Manager provides the opportunity and means for users interested in modelling clinical content to become participate in the creation and/or enhancement of an international set of archetypes, and these in turn have the potential to provide the foundation for interoperable Electronic Health Records. 

Here's some more reading about CKM to get you started:

Name & LinkDescription
CKM OverviewA more detailed overview of CKM
CKM Governance Environment (Domains, Subdomains, Projects and Incubators)An introduction to CKM domains, subdomains, projects, and incubators
Functional OverviewAn overview of CKM core functionality

Authoring, Review and Publication Overview

An introduction to the authoring, reviewing and publication process in CKM
Archetype Review ChecklistA checklist for reviewing an archetype
Glossary of Terms Used in CKMA short glossary of some terms used in CKM

CKM Video Guides

There are also some video guides available to get you started with CKM:

Please take a look - CKM Video Guides: Clinical Knowledge Manager Overview and Registering on CKM

How can I get Involved?

If you are not yet a registered user of the international openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager, you should consider to register:

As a registered user, you can become an active participant in the development and quality improvement of open and shared clinical content for eHealth projects via the collaborative CKM community: watch and adopt archetypes and other knowledge resources; join in review rounds; participate in discussions; submit Change Requests and translations. You will be able to configure CKM to notify you about new archetypes or modifications to the existing ones.

Most importantly, by recording your domain expertise and a willingness to participate in archetype reviews, the Editors will be able to invite you to participate in projects and teams where your expert opinion will help to enhance the archetypes under review. This involves no commitment – participate as and when it is convenient for you.

If you have developed your own archetypes you can submit them to the Editors as a candidate for shared use within CKM.

Join us now! Sign up as a registered user here or view more details on how to get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of CKM Frequently Asked Questions for you.

CKM Releases

CKM has a long history. It all started around 2005 with the so-called Archetype Finder.
In 2007 already, the initial development of the Clinical Knowledge Manager was started, recognising the need for a platform to review and publish openEHR archetypes internationally.

Here you can find a detailed history of CKM Releases.

Terms of Use & CKM Privacy Policy

The usage of CKM is guided by the following Terms of Use as well as the CKM Privacy Policy:

CKM Instances

In addition to the international Clinical Knowledge Manager of the openEHR foundation, there are several other CKM instances hosted around the world.

CKM instances from around the world can be connected via "Remote subdomains" with the international openEHR CKM to ensure that archetypes can and made available and reused wherever possible.

CKM NameDescription
openEHR CKMHosted by the openEHR Foundation, this is the 'go to' resource CKM for the international openEHR community
Apperta CKMA shared UK CKM for a variety of 5 nation projects and organisations under auspice of the Apperta Foundation
Norwegian CKMHosted and managed by the Norwegian national eHealth program, Nasjonal IKT
Slovenian CKMHosted and managed by the Ministry of Health in Slovenia

See full Details.

Problems, Suggestions, Comments

If you have any problems, suggestions, or comments regarding the CKM tool, you can:

If you have a suggestion to improve an archetype or template, you can open the archetype or template in CKM and:

  • Go to the archetype's or template's own discussion page to start a new discussion topic.
  • Or, alternatively, directly create a Change Request for the archetype or template.

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