Australian Digital Health Agency's Clinical Knowledge Manager

The Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) is the collaborative environment which the Australian Digital Health Agency is trialing to engage the Australian healthcare community - clinicians, jurisdictions, vendors, professional bodies and informed key stakeholders in the development of computable clinical concept definitions to be used in the development of e-Health clinical technical solutions, known as archetypes. 

The Australian Digital Health Agency archetypes on CKM (also known as Detailed Clinical Models or DCMs) have been drawn from stakeholder requirements statements and based on clinical/domain expert views of best practice and are intended to provide the content building blocks (information and terminology) for technical specifications for e-Health solutions. 

The latest release of the Australian Digital Health Agency CKM:

  • is a library of clinical models;
  • provides a collaborative portal for domain experts to participate in ensuring the clinical models are fit for use;
  • provides a publication and governance environment for the clinical models; and
  • provides a model and terminology based end-to-end tool chain to support the Australian Digital Health Agency published outputs, including specifications.