Adopt an Archetype

Why Should I Adopt an Archetype?

Adopting an archetype in CKM serves a couple of different purposes.

  1. By adopting an archetype, CKM Users and Reviewers can express their interest in having the archetype reviewed for publication. As more people adopt archetypes, it will become self-evident what the openEHR community priorities are for archetypes that are required - adoptions will work a little like a vote!  Archetypes with the highest number of 'adopters' will be reviewed first.  In this way, the archetypes that are required by the community will be reviewed as a priority. 
  2. By adopting an archetype, the users also expresses an interest to participate in the review process for that archetype. When the review process starts, the user will be sent an invitation to review the archetype. This involves no commitment – participate as and when it is convenient for you. We encourage you to be involved because we are keen to integrate the various perspectives and potential differences from around the world in each archetype.
  3. By adopting an archetype, the archetype is made available in your Archetype Watchlist for easy access. 
  4. In addition, you can choose to get email notifications when the archetype is updated.

How Can I Adopt an Archetype?

Log in to CKM - adoptors must be registered users.

Option 1

Adopt an archetype by right clicking on the Archetype name in the left frame and selecting the Heart+ icon: 'Adopt This Archetype'.

OR Option 2

  1. Double click on the archetype of your choice

  2. Select the Heart icon (Adopt archetype) from the top right.

How Can I Monitor My Adopted Archetypes?

Once you have adopted one or more archetypes you can monitor the archetypes you have expressed an interest in via the 'Adoptions/Watchlist' screen.  See the image below.

You need to be logged in to CKM.

  1. Select the Archetypes Menu
  2. Select 'Adoptions/Watchlist'
  3. View your adoption status, and you can deselect/'unadopt' archetypes, if you require.