CKM Change Requests

Any registered user in CKM can create a Change Request for a resource (e.g. an archetype) in CKM.

Change Requests can be used by any registered user to formally request a change to a resource. Often, this will only be done after this has been discussed beforehand, e.g. using CKM's discussion functionality, however it is also possible that editor's start a new CKM discussion thread on the basis of the submitted change request to seek wider input form the CKM community.

Please note that any submitted Change Request is visible to everybody. Change Requests have one of two states: They are either "Open" or "Closed". Editors can add notes to the Change Requests to describe any action taken, etc. Change request of particular importance or urgency may be marked as Priority Change Request.

How to Create a New Change Request

  1. After you have signed in to CKM, right-click on the resource in the left hand panel and select "Change Requests" from the Context Menu:

  2. In the panel that opens, click on the "Add new Change Request" Button:
  3. Add a title and description for your Change Request. If this Change Request happens to be of high priority, tick the priority checkbox, to make this change request a priority. (Please note that editors reserve the right to change the priority of any submitted Change Request). Once finished click on the "Save" Button to create the Change Request.

  4. The editors will be notified of your change request via email. Also, all users that are watching this resource with email notifications turned on, will receive an email about the newly created change request. You can now see your change request in the overview of all change requests for the resource (here: archetype Blood Pressure). Click on the title/header of each Change Request to expand it and see all details of the Change Request.
  5. You as the submitter of the Change Request can make changes to it until an editor has added an editorial note to the Change Request (such as a comment or status change of the Change Request).
    To edit your submitted Change Request, click on the Edit button ().
  6. The editors of the resource will deal with this change request and add editorial notes as well as status changes to the Change Request. For example, after a while the editors may have added a few editorial notes, closed and reopened the Change Request:


How to Keep Track of Change Requests

There are a few ways to keep track of your own and other user's Change Requests:

Email Notifications

  1. Editors of the resource as well as any user who is watching or adopting a resource with email notifications turned on (see Figure below), will receive an email on submission of a new change request for this resource
  2. All Editors and the submitter of a Change Request will be notified of any editorial note that has been added to a Change Request by any editor.

Dashboard Portlet "Open Change Requests"

Use the  Button on your Dashboard to configure your Dashboard portlets and add the "Open Change Requests" portlet to your Dashboard (if the portlet is not already visible). In this portlet you will find all the change Requests you have submitted and you can double-click or right-click on each.

Change Requests Report

On the Reports Menu, choose "Change Requests". Here you will find an overview of all Change Requests. You can restrict the CRs by Subdomain (if applicable), project/incubator, as well as the status of the Change Request (Open/Closed). You can also filter by Change Requests you have created or (as an editor) change requests that you are editing.