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URI policy

Some old notes from Erik Sundvall, written when we considered introducing the "Daisy" platform (that openEHR no longer uses)

  • If possible do not use cryptic/non-informative numbers etc in the URLs (even URLs deserve reasonable semantics)
  • ...but most important don't change URLs! Read at least before replying (wink) Make sure the URLs of currently important pages won't change now, or at least will be redirected in the cases where new URLs are more logical/usable than the old ones. Also see
  • There are some old URLs at openEHR that are problematic and it's good if we can move/copy some stuff, (and keep a redirect from the old URL). Maybe unnecessarily complex URLs like could be changed to of something like now when reorganizing anyway.
  • Make sure the URL space become semantically aesthetic so that it won't need to change again if we change tools/CMS later (since that kills incoming links, bookmarks, search engine page ranking etc).

Please just make sure we don't do anything stupid to incoming links from other sites. "Daisy" or any other system we deploy now or in the future will only be in control of openEHRs own site, not all valuable links created from other sites. Please consider this experiment:
Go to a search engine and enter the search term "" (you will get a lot of results). Many sites link deep into different pages in the structure, thus it is important to consider negative effects of changing URLs within the site.