September 2014 Roadmap Meeting


The meeting is now over and was very successful, with a lot of proposals, decisions and actions generated. Notes from the meeting are included in this wiki page, against the relevant schedule items, or else in a separate page.

The meeting resolved to create an 'executive summary' statement of all of these, which will be announced on the announce list, and posted publicly.




This meeting is intended to determine key parts of the openEHR roadmap, development plan and community governance for the next 18 months. Attendees are expected to primarily either be implementers or have a serious interest in implementation. This includes people from organisations using / wanting to use openEHR archetypes in real implementations.


16 Sep 2014: 09:00 - 17:00

17 Sep 2014: 09:00 - 16:00


Due to a scheduling conflict (we rent our office space in Oslo from Deloitte), we have had to move the meeting to a different location. For those of you coming in by air, it will actually shorten your travel, as the new venue now is

Lillestrøm Kultursenter in Lillestrøm (Lillestrøm Culture Center), adr: Kirkegata 11, Lillestrøm.


The physical meeting will accommodate a maximum of 40 people.

Social Events

Monday night

Café Skansen

Rådhusgata 32
0151 Oslo

Social Events

Tuesday night

Restaurant Salsa
Huitfeldtsgate 25

 7 pm

About this Meeting

This is just one of a series of face to face meetings we expect to run over the next 18 months. Don't worry if you cannot get to this one. You can provide input for the meeting via:

  • the mailing lists
  • this wiki page - e.g. agenda items below
  • teleconference calls leading up to the meeting

All outcomes of the meeting will be publicly available, and we hope to have streaming video, with presentations available online afterwards.

Organising Committee

  • Tomas Nordheim Alme <tna at dips dot no> 
  • Thomas Beale <thomas.beale at oceaninformatics dot com>
  • Ian McNicoll <ian at freshehr dot com>
  • Tomaz Gornik <tomaz.gornik at marand dot si>
  • Adriana Danilakova <adriana.danilakova at gmail dot com>


Agenda topics potentially include the following.

    • overview - the big picture; define next releases and allocate key CRs
    • openEHR APIs - development and publishing
    • ADL 1.5 - what to call it, what roadmap?
    • Include GDL in specs
    • AQL
    • Areas for new specifications:
      • identify 'difficult' design issues going forward, that require common answers, e.g. 'second order structures', and how we propose to deal with that
      • IHE
      • FHIR
    • Industry 'sprint' archetype development - workplan/progress
    • Expanding the editorial team
    • 'archetype methodology' experience across the world
      • PARENT, SHN, UK, Norway, Australia, Brazil, Slovenia, Spain,CIMI

    • openEHR training & certification
    • commercialising the platform concept
    • conformance and product accreditation
    • technical documentation - a proposal form moving to DITA
    • community infrastructure - web, lists, etc
    • governance
    • PR / presence activities
    • budget
    • open source tooling project(s) roadmap
    • new ADL 1.5 archetype/template 'studio'?
    • decide next meetings

Meeting Schedule

TimeTopicWhoNotesPresentations, Outcomes
Tuesday 16 September

Intro - scene setting

Meeting goals


2 mins from anyone on the floor

facilitator: T Beale


TB opening remarks slides PDF.

Original TB blog post on key criteria for investible standards.

Priorities mentioned during introductions:

  • Entry level openEHR - getting started is too hard
  • Deal with licensing FUD
  • Support for localisation, affiliate groups
  • restarting specifications release work
10:30--------------------------------------------------------------------------- COFFEE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10:45The Foundation

Ian McNicoll
Tomaz Gornik 


Ian McNicoll presentation on new board structure.

Questions raised:

  • articles of association / statutes / by-laws - where are they defined? Gunnar Klein
  • registering trademark outside of Europe
  • what is UCL's role? Why not independently registered as a company? Does UCL need to be involved?
  • Licensing was recently discussed in a thread in an openEHR LinkedIN-group and was briefly discussed here too.
    • Silje: Reuse of wikipedia text snippets (CC-BY-SA) in commercial newspapers has worked, this might be similar to deriving things from CC-BY-SA licensed archetypes.
    • Erik: We may need to be able to fork specifications; requires different license than CC-BY-ND (e.g. CC-BY instead).


  • Gunnar K offered to help with draft & review of statutes etc
  • Text of membership page needs to be changed to reflect 15€ membership idea. Ian M / Adriana
  • General feeling is to change org diagram so that 'second board' is a management committee (not a board) including e.g. program leads

Gunnar Klein: some reflections on formalising and simplifying the description of the openEHR governance.




Ian McNicoll presentation on HANDI-HOPD

Demo platform being managed by HANDI, not NHS but is being supported by NHS England.

Proposal to use this as the basis for an open-source hospital e-prescribing project, making use of SMART, FHIR and openEHR.

Already involving some European companies, including Marand. Others have offered support.


  • How do we make the openEHR engagement more active and visible?
12:00------------ LUNCH --------------   

Conformance, APIs

openEHR inVivo

fac: Tomaz
Borut, everyone

Decisions needed:

  • rough definition of conformance specifications to create

Tomaz intro:

  • IHE approach - publicly announce compliance profiles; required to go to connectathon and demonstrate interop with 2 or more other products; monitors give certification.

detailed notes here.


  • a technical group will get together and generate a draft conformance approach based on the notes above:
    • Borut Fabjan, Bostjan Lah (Marand), DIPS, Rong (Cambio), Code24, Thomas Beale (Ocean)
13:30Vendor model of Cooperation & Collaboration & CompetitionTomaz Gornik,
Ian McNicoll
 (this discussion was deferred)
14:00Specifications governance & toolingT Beale

Decisions needed:

  • conversion of specifications from FrameMaker to alternative format, e.g. AsciiDoc, DITA...
  • agree lightweight change process

TB explained current status quo of releases and tooling.


  • review specifications governance - TB, Erik Sundvall, Gunnar Klein
  • agreed Asciidoc as candidate new doc toolchain - Bostjan, Fabio, TB to research and provide a proposal
  • provide a tooling and specifications roadmap overview (S From, DIPS)


  • how to move to tool-based UML, integrated with documentation?
  • tool-based class definition tables? Obtainable from UML tool?
14:45GDL & CDS updateRong

Decisions needed:

  • GDL needs to become a proper specification
Rong & Iago presentation on GDL and new features.
15:00--------------------------------------------------------- coffee -----------------------------------------------------
15:15Incorporating new specifications - GDL & AQLRong,
 TB: GDL can be first spec in Asciidoc tool chain approach

Archetype tooling and ADL 1.5

  • Archetype editor, Template designer
  • EhrExplorer

T Beale
Borut Fabjan

Decisions needed:

  • what version to rename ADL 1.5 to, since it is now no longer directly compatible with ADL 1.4
  • what approach to migrating from ADL 1.4 to ADL 1.x .... 2.*


  • agreed to rename current ADL 1.5 spec to 2.x
  • agreed in principle on a community tooling project in Java / js / web UI
Wednesday 17 September

Clinical modelling

  • development sprint
  • editorial team
  • model of sharing, versioning


fac: Ian




Decisions needed:

  • agreement on mode of action on 'industry sprint'

See this wiki page for main description.

Candidate archetype list.

CKM Project page


  • about 30 / 30 / 30% easy / medium / hard
  • need to have industry partners involvement to the extent of reviewing to-be-published archetypes for their use (i.e. for implementation).
  • publishing - important PR exercise


  • It was agreed that some new editors will come on board for the sprint.
  • It was stated that full terminology bindings would be developed in a following phase; however epSOS terminology coverage will be reviewed during the exercise.
  • need to include some example data for each? archetype

Main terminology bindings would better be done by IHTSDO involvement with CIMI. Potential contacts - Daniel Karlsson, Linda Bird.

Possible synchronisation with Norway archetype development; contact Silje


Clinical model sharing issues across CKMs

openEHR CKM status

fac: Ian


Erik/ Ian M: we can potentially use Git-style methods to mechanically implement the fork / pull request lifecycle.

Heather: right now, Change Request mechanism being added to CKM in next release, but only works for archetypes already in existence.

Question: how to submit a new archetype from a national program that doesn't exist in CKM yet.

Martin vd Meer: need better documentation on how to do clinical modelling.

Ian: could use Stackoverflow as a help site.

10:15----------------------------------------------- coffee -----------------------------------------------

National openEHR updates

  • Sweden
  • Norway experience, methodology
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Slovenia

Erik S



David Moner

Hugh Leslie



Details on this page.

11:00InfrastructureDIPS, Borut, T Beale

Decisions needed:

  • need to fund dedicated server, allowing multiple sub-domain websites, Jira, etc
  • need to agree on sysadmin responsibility


  • move to new Linux server at Hetzner
  • sysadmin human resource from Ocean, Marand, DIPS, Code24
    • requires initial funds to be available

Web / e-presence

  • solicit requirements
  • web site ideas
  • educational materials
  • entry points

fac: TB


Adriana Danilakova



Details on this page.
12:00------------------------------------------------------------ LUNCH -------------------------------------------------------------

FHIR + SMART, IHE - technical, EN ISO 13606

  • DIPS & FHIR 10 mins
  • Marand update 10 mins
  • IHE - Marand
  • T Beale - archetype-based approach 10 mins

T Beale
Borut Fabjan

Decisions needed:

  • openEHR approach to FHIR
  • openEHR and IHE
  • openEHR and EN ISO 13606

Borut Fabjan openEHR / IHE / FHIR presentation.

Room agreed that

  • we need to create an openEHR technical position on IHE and FHIR
  • model-based approach to FHIR makes more sense than manually built resources



fac: Ian M


(deferred to webinar next week)

Notes from Shinji:

  1. Endorsement - There are some local activities on openEHR all over the world, but no endorsement. We need to decide if openEHR endorse such local activity or not.
  2. Autonomy - It is easier for locals to have f2f meeting and seminar than globals. Gathering membership and money would be easier, too. Then, does such locals have oblige to share money to the If locals published a book on the openEHR with regards to the official documents of the openEHR specs, can they use money only for their funds for the local activities?
  3. Privileges on the openEHR organisation - After I launched, I and other persons have pointed out these problems time to time, but no progress and no answers are available, indeed. I would like to request to make a localisation director who has privileges on this matter. I think Koray would deserve it.
14:30ADL & tooling discussion continuedfac: TB 

Agreed on call among key implementers to build a description of a tool, and rough project definition:

  • Ocean - TB, Seref Arikan, Sebastian
  • Marand - Bostjan, Borut, Marko
  • Code24 - Sebastian Iancu
  • DIPS - TBD (contact Bjorn Naess)
  • RaySearch - TBD
  • Erik Sundvall (openEHR software program coordinator)
15:00Wrap up - road ahead, agreementsIan McNicoll,
Tomaz Gornik
16:00===================================== END ====================================






10:00Model of Cooperation & Collaboration & Competitionall