openEHR 2014 Roadmap - Website, e-presence

We conducted a brainstorm session on web site and e-presence needs and solutions, which generated a lot of input.

Problems noted

WE.1 newcomers versus 'congregation' balance needs to be better on the website

WE.2 single website presence not established yet

WE.3 same size of website for different devices

WE.4 information about programs are not current (missing vision, processes)

WE.5 need to address: privacy, accessibility, cookies

WE.6 other online media presence needs to be managed

WE.7 changes in website structure and content necessary




    1. newcomers: top half of home page
    2. very visible demo links
    3. 'why openehr' needs to be addressed on home page; e.g. Seref's blog post (basic block approach: 'how to store data', 'how to define content' - inspiration from Marand website)
    4. consider 'portal's approach i.e. home page for devs, clinicians etc
    5. endorsements by using orgs visible on home page


    1. unify information in different places (contact info)
    2. remove / redirect openehrfoundation website
    3. connect to main site and change design of website so it looks it belongs to main website
    4. reduce sections from members website which are same as on main website


    1. create version of website for different devices


    1. news for each program
    2. define road map for each program
    3. define processes of work in each program so people can get involved
    4. blog syndication, make it part of program pages


    1. find out about accessibility regulations
    2. make link to CKM more obvious


    1. define strategy and responsibilities for different online channels
    2. outgoing links to stackoverflow openEHR references
    3. connect to LinkedIn discussions (how?)
    4. manage youtube, facebook


    1. events news should only be future events (past events on another page)
    2. get subdomains versus /xxx rationalised
    3. create page where will be list of local websites related to openEHR 
    4. rework resources section
    5. reduce amount of content of pages

Other related decisions

  • move website and mailing lists to new Hetzner server
  • mailing lists on new server + mhonarc for mailing list archive
  • establish web content committee
  • put together a requirements statement
  • develop method of usability testing
  • ensure news authors have login


Web committee members

  • Jon Tysdahl
  • Silje Ljosland Bakke
  • Shinji Kobayashi
  • Gunnar Klein
  • Martin van der Meer
  • Vebjørn Arntzen
  • Luis Marco
  • Thomas Beale
  • Adriana Danilakova

If anybody else want to join committee just contact webmaster.