Opereffa Project

Opereffa has been inactive and has been archived.


Opereffa stands for openEHR REFerence Framework and Application. It is built on existing Java Reference Implementation, and it aims to provide a workbench, a common ground for discussion to both technical and clinical communities. This wiki page will be extended as project moves forward.

Key topics under Opereffa seem to be the following at the moment:





The project is moving forward in multiple directions, and the emphasis is to bring each key aspect to a level which will be enough to provide basic functionality. Therefore, neither of the listed aspects is complete. The reason for this aproach is to identify all major components of an openEHR based clinical application and framework that powers it. As CRB introduces more requirements, the requirements are implemented to the point where technical community can start to provide solutions using the implementation as a guide.

At the moment, terminology integration is the focus of ongoing work.

Tutorials are being added to this wiki, starting with a simple data saving and loading tutorial.