Procurement of openEHR-related systems and services

This page is intended for describing and discussing procurement of openEHR-related systems. Seeing other organisations' documents can inspire and help improve future procurements, thus helping both buyers and sellers.

Please note that this page is just an informal community effort attempting to spot interesting things, not a proper legal procurement announcement service. There may be many other ongoing and past procurements RFIs (Request For Information) etc that are not listed here, please list any procurements or details/documents you know of that are missing below.

Resources and links related to procurement and requirements-specifications for openEHR-related systems:

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Links/documents and more info

Opening and closing dates

Digital health platform (CDR, tools, services, consultants)

Karolinska University Hospital is coordinating a procurement for several organisations active in Region Stockholm and Region Gotland. Organisations besides Karolinska are: Södersjukhuset AB (SÖS), Södertälje sjukhus AB, Danderyd Sjukhus AB, Tiohundra AB, St Eriks Ögonsjukhus, Ambulanssjukvården i Storstockholm AB (AISAB), Hälso- och sjukvårdsförvaltningen (HSF), Stockholms läns sjukvårdsområde (SLSO), Region Gotland.

The official EU-tender call is available at that in turn links to the call at the procurement portal: Anybody interested in actually responding to the tender should register there (for free) to get notifications of changes and responses to questions. The documents will very likely get updated several times and the copies attached to this Wikipage may be out of date and erraneous by the time you read this.

The files prefixed by “Karolinska-DHP2023-” belong to this procurement
(Appendix 5 “Consultancy experience matrix“ seems to be missing currently.)

Phase 1 (qualification) closes 2023-10-12 23:59 CET, see procurement portal for details.

Past procurements, RFIs etc



Links/documents and more info

Opening and closing dates

Brief description of results



Links/documents and more info

Opening and closing dates

Brief description of results









ITT to participate in the 100,000 Genome information integration research project

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children ( NHS trust) on behalf of The North Thames Genomic Medicine Centre (NTGMC)


Closing Feb 17, 2017


HiGHmed, Germany




RFI regarding multi purpose openEHR platform

Region Östergötland, Sweden
See RFI-questions amd evaluation in attached files below.
(Responses upcoming)

Opening Feb 21, 2018
Closing Mar 15, 2018

Tieto/Marand system was selected for pilot experiments during 2019. DIPS system was close in evaluation score.

Innovation friendly home monitoring platform for 10k patients. Initially for patients with heart failure, COPD, Asthma etc in home settings and similar environments.

There is a requrement that the solutions can store information using openEHR in a platform provided by the region.

Region Östergötland, Sweden

Opening Jun 20, 2019
Closing Aug 25 2019

Awardet to …?… that promised (future?) capabilities to export data in openEHR format

RFP for Shared Health Record Open Platform (SHROP) Proof of Concept

MOHW Jamaica

EOI’s submitted from:

Atomica Informatics, Core Consulting, Ernst & Young Services Limited, Interneuron CIC, Mona School of Business, Quidgest, VAMED Management und Service GmbH,WeUsThem Inc.

Opening April 6, 2021

Closing June 15, 2021

Contract Awarded December 2021

OpenEHR/FHIR based Platform ~ Fluxmed procured from Core Consulting (Brazil) as Proof of Concept.

RFI for National EHR pilot

MOHW Jamaica

MOHW Jamaica RFI for national EHR system

(Partly related news: )


Procurement was delayed. Contract awarded November 2022.

Contract awarded to tpp Systmone.


Procurement of multi purpose openEHR platform (with support for rapid application dvelopment)

Region Östergötland, Sweden

Pre procurement invitation (PDF) attached below, also see Swedish openEHR procurements & RFIs


Pre procurement invitation opened 24 jan 2020

Procurement was planned to open March 2020, but was postponed due to internal reorganisation etc.

Feedback gained from pre-procurement activities resulted in a requirements document reviewed by vendors and that has been partly reused in procurement by other actors.

Region of Catalonia


Link to PDF* with RFI evaluation result - including a list of the 15 companies that responded (PDF also attached below on this page). See also

Service Contract for the development of an innovative and intelligent system of regional health data network architecture for learning (INFOBANCO) for the Community of Madrid

*) Also attached as as PDF on this wikipage

Bid closing date 03 January 2022

Winner: NTT DATA Europe & Latam (in partnership with Better)

See e.g.




Catalan Health System launches tender for openEHR Clinical Data Repository service (CDR)

Catalan Health System

Closing 21 Dec 2022

7 Swedish healthcare regions:
Östergötland, Stockholm, Uppsala, Kalmar, Jönköping, Skåne, VGR

RFI responses (the non-confidential ones) are attached to this page:

Better, CaboLabs, Dedalus, DIPS, Eweave, MedBlocks


Closing date May 10th 2023

Report attached to this page, in both English and Swedish


*) Also attached as as PDF on this wikipage


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