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Guidelines for adding new FAQ pages

The FAQ pages will become a valuable resource if properly managed and maintained. The general idea is a hierarchy of pages, starting from the general and drilling down into deeper questions on a given topic.

Considerations for authoring a new page:

  • consider what has already been written, and whether it covers the subject
  • consider carefully where the new page should go - under an existing page, or a new top-level page?
  • come up with short page titles that containing the relevant keyword(s)
  • try to make one page = one topic
  • consider what other parts of the wiki might link to your new page
  • when you are finished, perhaps make the page a favourite, and watch the page, so you can find it easily and keep it up to date

Guidelines for Updating FAQ pages

Maintaining good organisation

Are some pages getting too long? Splitting into sub-topics may make sense.