2021-04-19 SEC Call notes


Apr 19, 2021

Discourse SEC calls


  • @Sebastian Iancu

  • @Thomas Beale

  • @Diego Boscá Tomás

  • @Erik Sundvall

  • @Sebastian Garde

  • @Ian McNicoll

  • @Matija Polajnar

  • @Pieter Bos


  • previous meeting:

Discussion topics











5 min




USEFUL Jira RESOURCE: CRs I have not accepted.

10 min

Terminology episodic term 451/423 (SPECPR-367)


@Ian McNicoll



15 min

REST APIs 1.0.2

@Sebastian Iancu

  • ITS-XML 2.0.0

Conclusion on QUERY 1.1.0: treat the leading ‘driver id’ as a namespace, e.g. ‘r4.fhir.hl7.org’ rather than a URL or URI. Therefore no leading ‘http://’. Theoretically we should maintain a small registry of driver ids. Easy option for this - ?README file in Git repo - possibly in terminology Git repo; ref to QUERY terminology.

SPECITS-59 - Registering IANA codes for openehr - register as SDO would be preferable. MIME - vnd.x or … @Erik Sundvall prefix with ‘openehr’ if possible.

SPECITS-59 - AQL request → 'text/plain'.


terminology binding strengths - https://openehr.atlassian.net/browse/SPECAM-68



@Diego Bosca - consider specific way to remove just a few terms from an acN value-set, rather than having to write out the whole thing.

30 min

Citations / Refs / managed lists

@Thomas Beale

agree approach to requirements

Discourse discussion


15 mins

Serial data formats

@Erik Sundvall

Improve SDF to procurement standard - see Erik’s Discourse discussion.

  • we’ll add more examples on /example and in/out flat format






Next SEC call


Agenda items for next call:

@Ian McNicoll : Reference following in queries;

@Seref Arikan : follow up JSON schema / OpenAPI discussion.

OpenAPI flavour of openEHR REST APIs.

Action items

@Thomas Beale - finalise terminology binding strengths - https://openehr.atlassian.net/browse/SPECAM-68 - finalise value-set inclusion
Looking for someone to take over the openEHR Terminology maintenance - @Ian McNicoll , @Sebastian Iancu , @Sebastian Garde
SPECQUERY-12 - term support - Daniel Karlsson, @Ian McNicoll , @Sebastian Iancu ; suggestion to remove leading ‘http’.
Registering IANA codes for openehr - register as SDO - @Erik Sundvall ; @Sebastian Iancu ; @Thomas Beale ; @Diego Bosca - might be worth checking what was done for 13606.
@Sebastian Iancu - may review Code24 JSON schema tp update according to recent discussion.