2021-08-09 SEC Call notes


Aug 9, 2021

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  • @Thomas Beale

  • @Seref Arikan

  • @Sebastian Garde

  • @Jake Smolka

  • @Ian McNicoll

  • @Rong Chen

  • @Diego Bosca


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Discussion topics

AM Release 2.3.0









5 min



USEFUL Jira RESOURCE: CRs I have not accepted.

20 min


@Ian McNicoll

@Ian McNicoll brought up what we could do with OMOP and openEHR.

@Seref Arikan it’s a God schema. Common use case (usually pharma) is FHIR → OMOP, which gets too hard and becomes FHIR → openEHR → OMOP.

@Thomas Beale is an openEHR → OMOP ETL product/tool the end game?

@Ian McNicoll could build a limited exemplar?

@Diego Bosca openEHR + Snomed makes it easier to generate OMOP output. Tables are ‘pretty simple’, so not tooo hard. Relatively clear mapping for procedures, diagnoses, devices etc. We are doing some mapping already. At least some automatic mapping likely to be possible. Idea is to put all your data, even if no clear mapping. Existing approaches are 1-by-1, use case based.

Important: OMOP data is very patient-centric, i.e. based around a ‘patient/person’ object. Demographic related data may be a bit harder since less clear in openEHR. Clinical is however straightforward.

@Jake Smolka OMOP not in HighMed right now, but some project(s) where OMOP implicated - @Birger Haarbrandt for news…

@Seref Arikan look at FHIR-based OMOP mapping approaches, including Vita/EhrBase FHIR-bridge etc which may be a basis to start with.

15 min

AM 2.2 + Expression grammar

Update on progress of Antlr grammars

@Thomas Beale


15 min

Sweden update.

@Rong Chen

Karolinska pilot project pending. Data migration to target platform-based system - enabling better CDS.

Renewed interest around openEHR in Stockholm region (2m pop) - currently had CGM old-school HIT system. Political strategy indicates ‘open platform’. Low appetite to buy mega-solutions → interest in alternative approaches.

20 min

Informational - TS generation from Archie

Making progress on schema generation.

@Seref Arikan

@Seref Arikan End result would ability to build RM objects in a JS/TS environment.

Next SEC call


Agenda items for next call:

  • @Seref Arikan Archie-based TS generation based on JSON schema.


Outstanding topics:

Action items

@Diego Bosca at some future point, propose some initial OMOP-related mapping resource