2021-11-15 SEC Call notes


Nov 15, 2021

Discourse SEC calls


  • @Thomas Beale

  • @Sebastian Garde

  • @Diego Bosca

  • @Sebastian Iancu

  • @Pieter Bos

  • @Erik Sundvall

  • @Jake Smolka

  • @Ian McNicoll


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Discussion topics

AM Release 2.3.0









5 min



USEFUL Jira RESOURCE: CRs I have not accepted.

15 min

Conformance progress report

@Thomas Beale

See Discourse.

15 min




15 min

Generated UML - roadmap for PlantUML to replace MagicDraw


Likely to be a 6m - 1y project, but could be interesting. We should invite Borut@NeoEHR to present.

  • ES, TB: take a parallel approach -

  • SI: lots of details to take care of - moving to BMM as primary rep is a big change; getting descriptions from UML tool would be good.

  • SEC: make sure we have a REAL need

  • need to consider cost of work v value

  • potentially get Borut Jures to present in new year.

15 min

Making the documentation easier to use

@Pieter Bos

Possible initial ideas:

  • specifications website; move conformance down?

  • dev v tool builder flavours?

  • SI: integrate specs into integrated page layout - ongoing

  • other flavours…

  • ask your devs!!!!!

Discuss on Discourse - informal survey on ‘what would you like on the specs site, what’s annoying?'; what order; what docs do you most often use? First time versus experienced use.

10 mins



See Discourse.

5-10 min

Augmented demographics model.

@Erik Sundvall

See #general in slack Discourse

ES: in REST API, we want URNs that may point to demographics, but also other things, e.g. ‘batch’, ‘result’, ‘device’ - ‘entities’

  • initial question is: having a URN/URI scheme and paths that take into account the future where ‘entities’ may be stored in registries.

(Possibly also discuss adding REGISTRY class etc, inspired by the EHR class in some later release of the RM)

Sebastian Iancu Confluence page.

Next SEC call


Agenda items for next call:


Outstanding topics:


Augmented demographic model - initial ideas (TB)


Action items

@Erik Sundvall will do initial draft of URN application; will report back.