2022-01-10 SEC Call notes


Dec 10, 2021

Discourse SEC calls


  • @Sebastian Iancu

  • @Sebastian Garde

  • @Jake Smolka

  • @Diego Bosca

  • @Thomas Beale

  • @Erik Sundvall

  • @Birger Haarbrandt


Discussion topics










5 min



USEFUL Jira RESOURCE: CRs I have not accepted.

  • next meeting in January 10th

  • we keep by-weekly meetings over 2022

15 min

Conformance progress report

@Thomas Beale

See Discourse.


15 min

standards for Forms

@Erik Sundvall

@Diego Bosca : https://lhcforms.nlm.nih.gov/lhcforms

@Erik Sundvall :

Discussions (all):

  • considers rules from ADL - (Definitely useful within an archetype - with ADL2 possibly also in templates across data from different archetypes?)

  • Nedap is using these rules, need to ask @Pieter Bos for feedback.

  • Edit: In Slack Pieter later wrote:

    • Regarding the rules: the implementation is open source in Archie. It outputs things such as 'set the value at this path to this', and 'this part of the data must exist (is mandatory)'.If anyone would like to try, there's an imementation running at archetype-editor.nedap.healthcare. sign up and login, create a repository. Using the basic editor you can only define sums and averages. If you click 'advanced editor' at the bottom, you can see and edit the rules to achieve quite a lot more, and there's a form implementation that executes them as well. Note that this form only does compositions, observations and evaluations. (edited) 

      Oh it also outputs a copy of the object provided as input, modified by the rule evaluation, plus whatever assertions failed and succeeded, of course

      For editing the rules by hand, I would recommend the visual studio code extension, but it cannot execute them on data

  • need to ask @Matija Polajnar about Better’s form-builder






Next SEC call


Agenda items for next call, Jan 24:

  • elections etc

  • @Matija Polajnar endpoint for committing persistent composition

  • Borut Jures (neoEHR) will join the meeting. The initial thought some weeks ago was to discuss how the generated UML diagram approach works and how it could be used in the specification web site (and spec. documents). Now he has already done a lot more regarding Code generation etc, so the discussion could broaden to more topics depending on participants' interests.


Outstanding topics:




Action items

@Erik Sundvall will do initial draft of URN application; will report back.
@Thomas Beale need to have EhrBase representative in SEC