2022-02-21 SEC Call notes


Feb 21, 2022

Discourse SEC calls


  • @Sebastian Garde

  • @Seref Arikan

  • @Diego Bosca

  • @Pieter Bos

  • @Joost Holslag

  • @Heath Frankel (Unlicensed)

  • @Jake Smolka

  • @Matija Polajnar

  • @Erik Sundvall

  • @Thomas Beale


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5 min



USEFUL Jira RESOURCE: CRs I have not accepted.

15 min

SEC governance:

  • ToR doc

  • resignations

  • any other issues

@Thomas Beale @Sebastian Iancu


15 min

PR / CR processing - plan, progress - need to increase rate of resolutions

@Thomas Beale


15 min

Conformance framework - progress; call for participation

@Thomas Beale @Pablo Pazos

@Erik Sundvall - don't forget the secret data sets for procurement to prevent fixed response faking

@Erik Sundvall

@Seref Arikan - need to find out current regression / passing situation - probably not 100%

15 min

TDS / TDD - progress report

@Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) (+@Erik Sundvall)

  • @Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) - work waiting on Cambio to sign contract; technically: background analysis underway.

  • @Erik Sundvall Steps: 1. get what exists (TDS2, cleaned up?) published as spec; get XSLT version cleaned up and updated; 2. develop Java version 3. later on; consider TDS3.

  • @Thomas Beale - spec form - algorithm; schema generation; TDD → canonical form translation.

  • commit_tdd() REST op - copy API def from Better implem (see EhrScape site). @Matija Polajnar - prefer to use MIME types.

  • @Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) TDD has template ID in it.

  • @Diego Boscá Tomás Q: canonical → TDD output?

  • @Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) Need the OPT at run time to get the meta-data but not easy to do with XSLT; Java in-memory approach should make this relatively easy (i.e. perform the tag generation). Definitely late phase in the work. Also BMM helps - makes RM easy to interrogate.

10 mins

Endpoint for committing persistent composition

@Matija Polajnar

EDIT: there is now a wiki page for this topic and a Discourse discussion.

Need an atomic operation of committing a certain COMP iff doesn’t already exist (e.g. no meds list yet), i.e. can’t create accidental duplicates; problem of race condition of N clients trying to create a Meds list; could be done by checking a business rule settable in a given deployment that limits some template xyz to only one instance. Where are the rule(s) encoded? @Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) What about when the Composition is part of a multi-Composition Contribution?

Potentially this needs to be managed in the back-end site-level config / rules.

@Seref Arikan one approach for dedicated API for Meds list. FHIR…

@Erik Sundvall endpoint ‘black list’ - special template ids? Should be a customer question

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Outstanding topics:

  • @Matija Polajnar endpoint for committing persistent composition - continue conversation.


Outstanding topics:




Action items

@Seref Arikan , @Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) - share some resources to Discourse on TDS approach as education